This is my wife and the mother of my children. She's an amazing woman who works in
sales for
Infotrieve, but always makes time for us. Tee is originally from Montreal,
Canada and moved with her family to Delray Beach, Florida in her early teens. Tee
and I met while attending Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan in 1989 and have
been together ever since. Tee has her Bachelor's Degree from the University of
Florida and two Master's Degrees from the University of Hawaii (one in Asian Studies,
one in Library and Information Sciences). She speaks Spainish, French, Japanese,
and some Chinese. We were married in July 1993 and are still going strong. Tee's
interests outside of her work and our family include cooking, wine, reading, yoga,
hiking, biking, golf, and travel.
Tee (2nd from the right) and some of her sales
team on John's boat
Maryland June 2006
On the Vancouver docks
June 2006
Inside Sun Studio
March 2006
Sun Studio (Memphis)
March 2006
Heather and Tee
Summer 2004
At Oriole Park/Camden Yards
(Baltimore) September 2005
Just days before giving birth to Gwen
March 2004
Hours after Gwen's birth
March 2004
With her little pumpkin and "Blue Ninja"
October 2006
With the kids at the family Christmas party
December 2006
Dressed for Halloween party
(I went as a convict)
October 2006
At Jordanelle beach park
July 2007
With the kids at the airport
February 2009
With Henry on his 7th birthday
January 2009
With me on Halloween
October 2008