Arguably the purest team sport on the planet, we here in the U.S. are denied
adequate exposure to this beautiful game. During the time I lived in Australia
('97-'00) I was bombarded with coverage of rugby; and that was a good thing. I
had no idea how deprived I had been until then. I now couldn't live without
Fox Sports World channel, which regularly shows Super 12,  Tri-Nations,
Rugby League, as well as domestic, World Cup, and Euopean rugby.
Sydney (Easts) Roosters:
The Roosters are a team who represent the Eastern
Suburbs of Sydney. The Rugby they play is referred to as
either "club" rugby or Rugby League. This is a formally
bastardized version of true rugby (Rugby Union) and in
Australia is most popular in the state of New South Wales,
although it's played throughout the country and within
many of the world's rugby nations. This style of rugby is
quicker, with less reliance on the scrum. There are also
limited downs, and a more uniform (generally smaller) size
of athlete.

I'm a Rooster fan because of having lived for several years
in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs (Paddington and Bondi), and
having lived particularly close to their home field, the
Sydney Cricket Ground/Aussie Stadium. The Roosters are
regularly a championship contender and were the
champs most recently in 2002.
South Sydney Rabbitohs:
While Easts is the team I back in the NRL, I have a soft spot in
my heart for the
South Sydney Rabbitohs as well. While this
organization is one of the original within the
NRL, with one of
the deepest and most successful histories (winning the very
first premiership in 1908), they have had many struggles in
the past several years. Almost always on the bottom of the
ladder, and having suffered scandal and serious money
problems, the Rabbitohs elicit my pity and my sympathy.
Souths has some of the most loyal and passionate fans in the
game and it's hard to see them have to endure all that they
have. In fact,  the Rabbitohs were dropped completely from
NRL competion in the 2000 and 2001 seasons. Fortunately
they were able to rejoin the league in 2002, although they still
hold and almost permanent spot at the bottom of the ladder.
Bunnies Win Charity Shield
The Wallabies:
These boys represent the highest realm of rugby. This
code, International
Rugby Union, is the purest form
of rugby and has the highest level of exposure around
the world. The Wallabies are Australia's international
side and are feared and respected wherever they play.
While most of the competition the Wallabies engage
in is within the realm of what is known as the
Tri-Nations (rounds of games amongst Australia, New
Zealand, and South Africa), they also engage in
various competitions against international sides from
all over the world. Some of the other great rugby
nations include Wales, France, New Zealand,  
Argentina, Ireland, Scotland, and England. The
second and third tier teams include, but not limited
to countries such as Canada, Samoa, USA, and
Japan. While each of these sides competes within it's
own ongoing schedule of competitions, all of them
ultimately seek the same thing, that being winning
the World Cup. The World Cup is a huge
international event, held every four years, and  is the
pinnacle of international rugby. The latest Word Cup
competition was held this past year in Australia and
saw England snatch victory in the final game from the
defending champs...you guessed it, the Wallabies.
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Finals between England and Australia