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Dressed for church
March 2007
Birthday cupcake
March 2007
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Playing at Jordanelle beach park
July 2007
With Mom on the Heber Creeper Historic Railroad
July 2007
Gwen as Cinderella
Halloween 2007
First day of preschool
September 2007
Gwen goes to church
November 2007
Gwen at her 4 year old birthday party
March 2008
As Darth Vader
April 2008
In front of Brianna's house
   April 2008
On the field with the Bees on Knothole Club Day
May 2008
At a Bees game
June 2008
A day at the zoo
July 2008
Wilson, Henry, and Gwen with Lucy
March 2007
Gwen makes faces
March 2007
At the Atlanta Aquarium with mom
March 2007
Watching scuba divers hand feeding the
fish at the Atlanta Aquarium
March 2007
Inside the Atlanta Aquarium with Henry and Wilson
March 2007
With Mom and Henry at the Atlanta Zoo
March 2007
On Santa's lap at the family Christmas party.
December 2006
Opening a present on Christmas morning.
December 2006
Gwen in her new sleeping bag on Christmas morning.
December 2006
Henry and Gwen watching the dancing waters at The Gateway
November 2006