Denver Broncos:
I've been a Denver Broncos fan since I can remember
understanding that there were professional sports. And no
question about it,
NFL football was the king of sports in
my world growing up. I suppose I became a Broncos fan in
part because their games were (and are) regularly
broadcast here in Utah due to our (relatively) close
proximity. But, all I remember about my attraction to
them from back then ('73 or so) was their unusual colors
and the fact I felt sorry for them because they almost
never won.  Suffice it to say that whatever those early
reasons for taking them on as "my team," they were
enough to springboard me into a lifetime as a Broncos fan.
We've sure seen things change in Denver over these many
years. Several Superbowl losses, as well as some wins, but
a generally winning, well respected program overall.
Univ. of Utah Utes:
As with the Univ. of Utah basketball team, the Univ. of Utah
football team and the games I attended there as a kid have served
me with great memories, and have always help define for me
what growing up in Salt Lake City was all about. I suppose it's
common amongst football fans the nation over, but things like
the autumn colors, the chill in the air, the tailgating, and the
passion of the fans are the things that always drew me to love
these games. And it seems I've been hearing
Tom Barbari predict
"Utah by 5" since I was in diapers!

The Utes play at Rice-Eccles Stadium, the site of the opening and
closing ceremonies for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Just
prior to the Olympics the stadium received a massive upgrade
and make over. It's almost unrecognizable from the old Rice
Stadium we grew up knowing as kids, but I suppose that's a good
thing.  The team has also seen an uptick in the level of play over
the past few seasons. Coach Urban Myer saw the team to victory
in this Liberty Bowl  in 2004, and to a win in the Holiday Bowl in
2005. He also led them to the
Mountain West Conference
Championship in both years as well.  

Now that Coach Myer has gone off to coach at Florida, new coach
Kyle Wittingham has some big shoes to fill. Although the Utes
have struggled since Coach Myers departure, Utah has since won
the 2006 Emerald Bowl over Georgia Tech. and the Armed Forces
Bowl over Tulsa in 2007. Go Utes!
Utes Swat Yellow Jackets In Emerald Bowl, 38-10
Rivals.com Cites Ute Football Class As No. 1 Of The Non-BCS Schools.
The 2006 season was a disappointing
one. Despite the fact that the Brocons
had a solid team they ended the
season with an 9 and 7 record and
missed getting into the playoffs. The
Broncos quarterback situation is
commonly blamed, with Jake
Plummer having a few good games
alongside a bunch of mediocre ones.
Near the end of the season he was
replaced by rookie quarterback Jay
Culter, but by then it was too late.
Don't let me down like this again next
year guys!
Ute Football 2006 Evaluation
Strong Finish Signals Optomistic Future for Ute Football
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