Aussie Rules
Australian Rules Football is a unique game which, as the name implies, is a game
developed in Australia. The game incorporates elements of Irish Football, Soccer, and
Rugby, yet has a character distinctly it's own. The reason for my interest in Aussie
Rules is not only the exposure to it I had while living in Sydney, but the fact that the
game itself is fast, furious, physical, and incorporates so many different athletic
skills. I also lived very close to the
Sydney Cricket Ground/Aussie Stadium and was
able to attend some games in person. Now that I'm back in the States I'm still able to
follow the AFL (Australian Football League) to some degree thanks to a featured
weekly game broadcast on the
Fox Sports World channel.
The Sydney Swans:
The Sydney Swans are the local Sydney side in the AFL and is the team I
most closely follow. Unlike
Rugby League sides which are numerous
within New South Wales, the Swanies are the only AFL side in all of the
state. The Swans organization has existed in some form since 1874 and
relocated from South Melbourne in 1982. The reason for there only being
one team in the most populous state in Australia is that Aussie Rules is
the "home" sport of Victoria, while Rugby League is the "home" sport of
New South Wales. The remaining states and territories play both games
somewhat equally (though Aussie Rules is perhaps a bit more widespread
in the rural areas). This past season was another amazing year, ending
with a 1POINT! loss in the Premiership to the West Coast Eagles. Read
about that and their winning of 2005's Premiership via the link below.
Sydney Wins 2005 Premiership
Brownslow Medal Winner Adam Goodes:
Best is yet to come" -Sydney Morning Herald 9/26/06
"Brave Swans Fall One Short"
-Sydney Morning Herald 9/30/06