Pho (Vietnamese Noodles)
Tee and I were introduced to Pho (pronounced Fuh) several years back by our friends Chris and Ritsuko.
They had dicovered a particularly good Pho restaurant here in downtown Salt Lake and took us there
with missionary zeal. Well, we are officially converted. How this divine dish stayed off of each of our radars
for so long is truly a mystery. I can now hardly imagine how I ever lived without it!

Pho is a simple, cheap Vietnamese noodle dish that is as closely assosiated with Vietnamese food as
beans are to Mexican food, though it probably didn't develop a significant influence in Vietnam until the
1950's. Having originated in North Vietnam, it's popularity spread significantly when those in the North
fled the Communists and brought the various versions of Pho to central and southern Vietnam. Then,
once refugees from all parts of Vietnam fled to other countries, Pho found a niche in many parts of the
world. Most Vietnamese refugees ended up in either the United States or France, and therefore this is
where one finds the highest number of Pho outlets, though Pho is readily found in other countries such
as Australia and Canada as well.

There are a few different types of Pho, but in general it consists of thin rice noodles in a basic beef broth.
Added to this are onions, cilantro, ginger,  and thin slices of beef (steak, flank, brisket), and/or tendon,
tripe, or meatballs. Additionally, one is usually provided with a side plate of basil, bean sprouts, and lime
to add as one wishes. It is also common to add a small amount of Hoisin (Oyster sauce) and the popular
Thai hot sauce Sriracha which normally are found in plastic bottles at your table. The North Vietnamese
version usually contains thicker noodles and spring onions.

There is nothing quite like it in the world, and one of the most sensual culinary experiences one can
have.  Once a bowl is consumed it's hard to deny the drug-like "high" you'll feel as you leave the
restaurant. It's also nice that the average bowl of Pho will cost you around 5 bucks! Not bad for an exotic,
erotic experience that is good for you! My suggestion is to drink something with it which is cold and
subtle; maybe a lager or an iced tea.
Try these great Pho restaurants
Pho Hoa
3460 S. Redwood Rd.
West Valley City, Utah
Pho Tay Ho
1810 S. Main St.
SLC, Utah