Jim Rome
"Romie, thanks for the vine." Jim Rome is the pioneer of
modern-day sports radio. He is a godsend for we who have an
appreciation for the medium of radio and an interest in sports.
Sports is not politics, and I regard it as "meaningful
entertainment." However, no one speaks to the important,
influential issues within the world of sports than Jim Rome.
Wit, intellect, humour, social perspective, and a full
appreciation of the medium of radio, make Jim Rome THE guy
to follow for those who want to tune in to sports radio. May
take some time for novices to latch onto the Jim Rome lexicon,
or program references, but a little initial investment in
listening time will prove worthwhile.
Rush Limbaugh
It's hard to say enough about Rush Limbaugh. If you read the lead-in
Radio Page, you know that the current state of  historically
successful radio programing is ultimately due to this man. Highly
controversial and divisive, Rush is truly an iconoclastic figure. Having
taken advantage of the abolishment of the "Fairness Doctrine" in
1989, Rush pursued his long-held dream and began a program of
unabashed conservative, political and social commentary. Immediately
his show posted numbers of listeners previously thought
unobtainable in radio. Since that time, Rush has become a significant
force in the modern conservative movement in this country and is
partially credited with the current success of the Republican party.
Love him or hate him, his influence cannot by denied.
Michael Savage
In my opinion, there is no personality working in radio who is
more capable of making the most of the medium than Michael
Savage. My enthusiasm for his show "The Savage Nation" has little
to do with Mike's stringent right-wing political views, but rather
has to do with the brilliant combination of the medium of radio and
the unique, uninhibited, humorous mind of the man. A
professional scientist, life-long educator, world traveler, author,
husband and father, Michael Savage is an incredibly articulate and
passionate guy, and his show is the best stream-of-consciousness
display ever broadcast on radio. The reason I like listening to talk
radio is to be given a reason to think, laugh, learn, and question
myself and my surroundings. No one allows me this opportunity
on a more regular basis than San Francisco's own Michael Savage.
Laura Ingraham fills a special niche for me in the radio
world. First off, she is of my same age, and secondly, she
is a successful female in the male dominated world of talk
radio. Laura and her very talented posse of sidekicks make
me think and laugh each morning. Laura is a former
lawyer (graduate of the University of Virginia), former
Supreme Court clerk, author, and former full-time
television news commentator. She's a political fireball, who
is passionate and humorous with her takes on politicians,
the media, Hollywood, and the general social scene. Laura
loves music, and often has various artists and bands as
in-studio guests. She is a fairly recent convert to
Catholicism, and has recently emerged from a successful
fight with cancer.
Laura Ingraham
Robert Nelson
OK, you got me. This picture is NOT KRCL's Robert Nelson.
Fact is, I couldn't find one to use, so this picture is used in his
stead because anyone who listens to his show without knowing
what he looks like, may very well envision something similar to
the strapping, young Rastafarians shown here. Robert Nelson
is, in fact, a white man of my same age, originally from
Montana. Robert is not only host of the longest running reggae
program on radio (Smile Jamaica), but is one of the great reggae
historians anywhere, serving as a contemporary oracle on the
ongoing changes and influence of reggae music. Additionally, he
is a hell of a good guy. Robert took over the reigns of the
legendary Smile Jamaica radio show at KRCL in 1989, and has
kept this show at the top of it's game ever since. With a calm,
unobtrusive manner, Robert educates and entertains all those
fortunate enough to listen to him each Saturday afternoon. I
highly suggest that those who are unable to receive his show
live go to his achieved programs at the
KRCL website.
Michael Medved
If there is a show on radio I hate to miss most, it is the "Michael
Medved Show." While often lacking the humor I typically desire in
a radio program, Michael's show provides the highest level of
debate that can be found anywhere. Many of you may know him
as a high profile film critic, but he is also a very talented talk radio
host. I'm often in awe of the depth of Michael's intellect and
debating prowess. I'm also grateful that he tends to argue on
behalf of so many of the issues and positions that I believe in. We
on the political right have many spokes people we can be proud of,
but no one outside of Rush Limbaugh is more deserving of our
accolades than Michael Medved. Michael actually fills a very
different niche than Rush Limbaugh in that, unlike Rush, Michael
thrives on live debate. His greatest strength is his consistent
format of hosting guests who are in direct opposition to him, and
by taking phone calls almost exclusively from those opposing him.
Whether you argree with him or not, it makes for great radio,
Dennis Miller
I'm guessing that most of you are already familiar with Dennis
Miller. It's also my guess that most of you know him from his
days as a regular cast member of Saturday Night Live. Dennis is
one of the most brilliant minds out there, and his flair for
comedy, his vast knowledge of popular culture, challenging
lexicon, conservative views, and unmatched wit make for a really
fun and stimulating radio show. Dennis used to have a
politically oriented show on MSNBC a couple of years ago that I
always enjoyed, but I almost think that the radio format serves
him even better. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up making
him a lot more money as well. The Dennis Miller Show has only
been on the air here in Utah since the spring of '07, and is
currently only broadcast for two hours on KLO 1430. I look
forward to the time when one of the local stations will pick him
up for his entire 3 hours.
With Laura at her book signing
October 13, 2007