The Poker Crew
Jonzy and Brianna
Our fearless bartender
Dave "Tarintino"
Morgan; hoping for
another 8-3 offsuite.
Our fabulous dealer Paul,
with Mike and Milton.
Simo and Ann
Mark, Ratso, and "Big Dog" Doug
Morgan, Mark, and Doug
From 2006:
This is what AWESOME looks like!
With Quiz Master Tony  (aka "Redrum")
Lisa and Derrick
Lacy and Milt
Scott and Ann
Milt, Ann, and Porter
With Tiffany and Lisa
With my favorite Long Island Irishman
Bob "Ratso" O'Rourke
Tiffany and Lisa
With Paul and Lacy
Brothers: Paul and Kurt
With Ann
At Poker Night
August 2007