The Internet is probably the most significant invention since that of the television. The use of the Internet
among public, private, business, charitable, and individual concerns is so prolific that many of us forget just
how new this technology is. Fact is, a mere 10 years ago, most people had never even heard of "email,"
"websites," or "online searches." I was particularly aware of the emergence of online technology thanks to my
wife, Tee, having been studying for a Masters degree in Library and Information Sciences during the early 90s.
Personally I've always been fairly inept and disinterested in technology, but Tee has always been kind enough
to take me by the hand and guide me through the many intimidating aspects inherent to learning and
understanding how to make use of computers and the Internet. Had it not been for her expertise early on I
would no doubt find myself even further behind on the learning curve than I already am.

It's been truly amazing to watch the knowledge, acceptance, and use of online technology explode throughout
the world in the past 10 years or so. It is now a technology so pervasive that it is hard to imagine life without it!
As with television, I feel the Internet is both a blessing and a curse. The technology itself isn't inherently "good"
or "bad" of course, but it's use can certainly effectively propagate anything within the full spectrum of human
interests. So be it. I'm no promoter of censorship, but do feel it's important to always remain conscious of how
we each make use of it. Again, the parallel with television is relevant in that both the content and quantity of
that which is consumed are factors that have real consequences. I myself have to be careful that I'm not sitting
in front of a screen (television or computer) for excessively long times, or at times when I really should be
playing with my children, talking with my wife, reading a book, or at the gym. At the same time, it's often
difficult not to be tempted to spend time online doing frivolous, unhealthy, and/or expensive things (Amazon
loves me!). This having been said, the Internet is a unique technology that is still in it's infancy and has much to
offer. Sometimes, doing frivolous and fun things merely for the sake of entertainment or escapism is a worthy
use of one's online time. In fact, it's often during these times that I've found myself absorbing knowledge of how
to use the technology and learning of it's constantly expanding potential.

So, what you'll find on this page are links to all manner of online sites. Some are serious, others frivolous. Some
are here for the purpose of providing important information, while some are funny, funky, or curious. The idea
is to help demonstrate the diverse potential of this technology and to provide a place to link to information and
entertainment that otherwise doesn't fit categorically onto any other of the pages on my site. If you have a site
you think should be included here, let me know. I'd also like to hear what you think of some of these sites if
you get a chance to spend some time on them. Write me at
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