My Watering Holes
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Reviews from the 4/28/06 Salt Lake Tribune:
The Hotel
155 W. 200 South
Phone: 801-478-4310

The Hotel took over the Shaggy's Living Room
33,000-square-foot, multilevel club space and reopened on
April 20 with plush new décor in its many themed bar areas
and a futuristic vibe in Elevate, the attached dance space
formerly known as the Velvet Room. Dancing dominates the
Hotel scene from Thursday through Saturday; general
manager Ryan Warnock said Shaggy's was averaging about
2,600 patrons on Saturday nights. But lunch will be
available during the day and a smaller, speakeasy-style bar
will be open on the private club's dance-party "off" nights.
The space has changed names and attitudes many times
through the years, including incarnations as the Green
Parrot, Zipperz, Gravity and The Library, but Warnock
believes a stylistic return to the historic building's roots - a
hotel, saloon and brothel filled the place in the early 1900s -
will prove appealing to Salt Lake City clubgoers. "Our big
thing is having a comfortable place and something for
everybody," Warnock said.
Ouida's Lounge
268 S. State St.
Phone: 801-521-4442

Ouida's Lounge, upstairs from the House of Kabob and
Pita, isn't the only hookah bar in the Salt Lake Valley -
Huka Bar & Grill opened a while back in the old Rhino
Grille near Fashion Place Mall - but it is the only one
within walking distance of downtown Salt Lake City's
amenities. Ten bucks rents you a hookah and buys
tobacco to smoke for a half-hour, and Ouida's Amber
Powell said all the house hookahs are taken on a busy
night. Wednesdays features Latin dance music, Fridays
are hip-hop and dance music and Saturdays focus on
trance and deep house, but the private club is expanding
to include live jazz and blues performers in addition to
its DJs, so Ouida's could be hopping nightly in short