My Watering Holes
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Northern Utah
Park City/
Wasatch County:
The Wine Celler (Ogden):
Brewskis (Ogden):
The White Owl (Logan):
The Other End (Heber):
Bachaus Wine Bar:
Harry O's:
Club Suede:
Oh Shucks:
No Name Bar:
Soldier Hallow Golf Course:
City Club (Ogden):
The club is in the basement of an old stone building. It's narrow and lowly lit with an
old school lounge feel and live jazz every night of the week. The bar is long and
impressive. There are several small tables near the "stage" area and very comfortable
looking booths all along the north wall. There are also a couple of pool tables in an
area behind the performers. All in all the place is fun, funky, and even a bit romantic.
I must say that this is now officially my favorite place to have a drink in Ogden.
This is one of the only places to have a drink in this very Mormon community
but is a spacious multi-room place which is located smack dab in the center of
town on Center Street and a half block west of Main. Most of the times that
Tee and I have spent here have been during the summer on one of our golf
trips to Logan. Summer is the best time to visit The White Owl because it's the
rooftop patio bar (and famous hamburgers) that really make the place special.
This is one of our very favorite places to have a drink in all of Utah. Located
just as you enter Heber from the north, The Other End in simultaneously a
legitimate watering hole to golfers, bikers, Park City refugees, and of course
cowboys and latino farm hands. While best enjoyed in summer when the
patio is open, The Other End is also a great place to see live music and
people watch in the evenings (and it's always a great place to get a burger!).
Wasatch Brewery: