Know Your Conservative Babes
You Choose:
Here is a little item I orginally wrote for my brother David last year:
For those who have trouble keeping many of the good-looking, right-wing spokesladies straight, here
is a breakdown of some of my favorites. I call them:

The Conservative Babes "Dream Team"

1. Ann Coulter

This great looking conservative babehas a brilliant mind and a ruthless wit. You definitely don't want
to go head to head with her in a debate! She has a "take no prisoners" approach to
taking on Democrats and liberals. She's a graduateof Cornell Univ. and Univ. of Michigan Law School.
While she spent several years as a lawyer, she now writes full-time both as a syndicated columnist
and author, and appears regularly as a political commentator on T.V. and radio. See her at

2. Laura Ingraham

Laura's hot! Both physically and mentally. Her career is hot as well. However, what makes Laura
really great is her personality. She's super smart, very funny, and cool (she's very into music). Her
radio show The Laura Ingraham Show is my "fave" (a Lauraism). Laura's a graduate of Dartmouth
College and Univ. of Virginia Law School. She also clerked for Clarence Thomas (although I don't think
he ever hit on her). In addition to her radio show, Laura is an author; her newest book being the very
funny "Shut Up and Sing." She also makes the rounds of T.V. as a commentator. Because the pic of
her on the cover of her book does her no justice, I'd suggest checking her out on her website:

3. Michelle Malkin

Unlike the other Dream-Teamers, this wonder woman is a brunette. In fact, she's a hot Asian
American (Filipino to be exact). Michelle became an official Fox News Contributer after having made
several appearances on O'Reilly, Hannity and Combs, etc. as an expert on immigration. At that time
she had recently written an in depth book on the subject entitled "Invasion." Her newest book "In
Defense of Internment" is sure to set a firestorm of critism and attacks, but Michelle is up to it. A
journalist by trade, she's worked as an editorial writer for the Los Angeles Daily News and the Seattle
Times, and now has her own syndicated column. She's also a working Mom. Her weekly columns are
great, and can be found at
Also, find pics and other info about Michelle at

4. Debbie Schlussel

Attorney, Columnist, and Hip, Conservative Info-Babe Commentator, Debbie Schlussel is the VRWC's
latest and greatest sexy, blonde, and beautiful commentator. With a law degree, MBA, long blonde
tresses, and sports acumen to boot, she's a red-blooded American guy's dream. You may be familiar
with Debbie Schlussel's appearances on FOX News Channel, ESPN, FOX Sports Radio, CNN, ABC's
"Politically Incorrect," and Howard Stern, or via her and "Debbie Does
Politics" columns. She also has her own website at
If you've heard Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern talk about her on their national radio shows or seen
her speak at the NRA convention, Debbie is proof positive that "Dumb Blonde" is an oxymoron--her
beauty and brains are a lethal combination, and the reason Ms. Magazine declared Debbie its #1
enemy. To paraphrase "Wayne's World's" Wayne and Garth, if she were President, Debbie Schlussel
would be Babe-raham Lincoln.

5. Heather Nauert

She may not be as brainy as the others, but she is smart. Plus, she's conservative and very easy on
the eyes. Since receiving her Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University in 2001,
Heather has worked as a New York based correspondent for the Fox News Channel. Before that she
had been a Fox contributor based out of D.C.. During that time, she also worked as a government
affairs consultant representing corporations and trade groups before Congress.  Heather started her
work in media in Washington in 1992 as a host and producer for the former WFTY-TV’s weekly
program, Young Country. Later, she was a business reporter for First Business, a syndicated
business news show. To see what she looks like check her out at

6. Monica Crowley

Another brainy conservative babe, Monica holds two Masters Degrees and a Ph.D in international
relations from Columbia. She also was a Foreign Policy Assistant to Pres. Nixon for several years until
his death in 1994. This experience prompted her two write two books on Nixon. Monica has been
seen as a commentator on all of the major political talk shows, was a staff commentator for 4 years on
NPR's Morning Edition, and currently hosts her own talk radio program on WABC in New York. Her
website is at:

Well, there they are. Hope it helps to dispel the idea that conservative women all look like Barbara
Bush or The Church Lady, and that they do more than bake cookies and "stand by their man!"
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