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Recent Rounds:
I haven't documented any rounds here yet, but hope to in the future. I copied and
pasted an old round below from another document. Although it's from two years
ago, it's the kind of synopsis I'd like to eventually write up about all of my rounds.
So check back!
Gary on the #11 tee at Bountiful Ridge
June 2006
John tees off on #11 at Bountiful Ridge
June 2006

I've had very little chance to play much golf over the past 10 months or so.  Whether it was because of bad
weather, buying and selling a house, or welcoming a new baby, or a combination of each, I've really let things go.  
I still find myself with very little free time, but I'm determined to get out at least once or twice a month.

I've played 3 times in the past two months and none before that since the first week of September. The first round
I played this season was out at a relatively new course in Tooele, Utah called The
Links at Overlake. It's a public,
links-style course, and is almost never busy (making it worth the 45-60 min. drive). As usual for that course it was
a windy,  but uncrowded day. I must admit I played much better than I was expecting, shooting an 86.

My second round was at one of my favorite courses,
Wasatch Mountain State Course in Midway, Utah. I've been
lucky enough to get to know the head pro up there at my local watering hole here in town,
Lumpy's. So, I no
longer have to worry so much about being able to get a tee time (which can sometimes be a problem at that
course). Well, there wasn't a problem that day either. The weather was perfect and I was paired up with a nice
couple of guys from Salt Lake.  We played the "Mountain Course" (as opposed to the "Lake Course") and while I
didn't play as well as I had at Overlake, I did manage a respectable 88.

My most recent outing was with my brother David who lives in Gilbert (Phoenix), Arizona.  He's a dentist and I
was down there having some dental work done. Of course I always have to make time to have fun while down
there as well. Dave also enjoys golf, so we played a round at a course he's familiar with called
Kokopelli. The
course is short but narrow, and for what ever reason I wasn't playing well at all. Call it Murphy's Law, but
whenever I play with family I seem to play some of my worst golf. But, the weather was great (not too hot) and my
brother's company is terrific, so I have no complaints. Can't remember exactly what I shot, but it was about 93.