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Pictures of My Poker Crew
Tee and Iris in Berlin
June 2005
Giselle, Phong, and Kris at
Henry's 3rd Birthday Party
January 2005
Chris and Ritsuko at the hockey game
November 2003
Me with Gary
December 2003
Geoff in London
June 2005
John and Mark in London
June 2005
My 40th Birthday Party Pics
Tee, Me, Jeannie, Parker, and Amy
on John and Jeannie's boat in Maryland  
September 2005
Matty in Shanghai for Chinese New Year
January 2006
With Phong
May 2006
With Scott and Dawn at the
opening of Tsunami II
May 2006
With Jill
May 2006
With Salem
May 2006
Robyn and Mike in their backyard
May 2006
Our friends and next door neighbors
Boris and Zlatina
May 2006
Yoko, Alex, and James in Tokyo
April 2006
Friends and owners of the Salt Lake
sushi bar "
Tsunami," Scott and Kris
March 2006
My long-time barber and owner of
"The Chop Shop," Leroy
April 2006
With Kurt, Anne, and Tee in Las Vegas
July 2006
Brian and Mike at Red Butte Gardens
June 2006
Anne and Tee
July 2006
Gary and John at Bountiful
Ridge Golf CourseJune 2006
Gary at Soldier Hollow
Golf Course
June 2006
Bruce and Suzanne
L.A. February 2007
Sasha and Gary
L.A. February 2007
Chris and Ritsuko watching the
Mayweather/De La Hoya fight
May 2007
With Anne at her art exhibition opening
April 2007