Extended Family
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My brother Brian, his wife Nicole, and
Nicole's sister Michelle at my 40th
birthday party. Nov. 04
Tee, Me, Alex (Sue), and Henry.
March 2004
Me with sister-in-law
Sybelle. March 2004.
Freddie with Gwen
March 2004
My sister Heather and her
husband Bruce.
Thanksgiving 2004
My sister Shauna and her
husband Brian.
Thanksgiving 2004
Tee's parents Peter and
Freddie in Freddie's kitchen
December 2005
Our nieces Lexi, Bailey, and Taylor
December 2005
Tee, Nicole, Michelle, and Ruth at
Port 'O Call
November 2005
Family dinner
November 2005
Tee's sister Alex (Sue) and our
nephew Wilson (Lil' Willy)
October 2005
My Mom with Gwen and Henry
October 2005
Aunt Vicki, Aunt Sue, Brad, Tee, Aunt Elsie
at Horseshoe Bay
June 2006
Auntie Syb and Auntie Alex help us
celebrate Gwen's Birthday
March 2006
Our niece Hannah
March 2006
My sister Kara, her husband
Paul, and kids Max, Jack, and
Ella in Wisconson.
February 2006
My parents Stuart and
Helen at our front door
January 2006
Karen and Brian Matsen
Wedding Day  
Feb 2006