Best Albums of the
New Century
Radiohead "Amnesiac" 2001
This is Radiohead's follow up to the fully experimental "Kid A" album, and though it
contains a number of cuts which could have easily been included on that album it
also contains several beautifully haunting melodies. While many people discounted
Kid A's experimental indulgences as possibly pretentious and likely fleeting
Amnesiac proved that those experiments allowed Radiohead to use newly developed
skills and move deeper into the realms of artists seeking to lead music into the
future with quality complexities.
Favorite cuts: Packt Like Sardines, Pyramid Song, You and Whose Army?, Knives Out.
Radiohead "Hail To The Thief" 2003
For some reason this album seems to divide Radiohead fans. I don't quite
understand why because in my opinion this album is a wonderful representation of
the cumulative wonders that are Radiohead. One can hear all of those things that
make Radiohead such a special band, ie.; dreamy, ethereal vocals (Thom Yorke),
experimental guitar/electronic tweakings (Johnny Greenwood), a
pounding/thundering rhythm section (a la Colin Greenwood and Philip Selway). All
in all a beautiful, frightening, spiritual, sexual, and somewhat sad masterpiece.
What else do you want from one of the greatest bands ever?!
Favorite cuts: 2+2=5, Sail to the Moon, Backdrifts, Scatterbrain, A Wolf at the Door.
PJ Harvey "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea" 2001